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What are Harris's stats?

Scruffy 199/27 10:15 pm
by slackhouse

What was Cedrick Harris' final stat line?

The Boat 119/27 10:14 pm

Kicked out of the game for unsportsmanlike conduct?

Smalls 29/27 10:12 pm
by tigernchicago

Les' plan all along was

sostan 79/27 10:12 pm
by blackjackjackson

At least the O-line didn't play down the whole game.

Haydel 19/27 10:11 pm
by LosLobos111

Ameer Abdullah: 20-196 in 1st HALF

Draven 149/27 10:11 pm
by Draven

How much does a team get paid to come here?

tiger91 19/27 10:03 pm
by tunechi

What was Harris' stat line?

lsuguy84 59/27 10:03 pm
by lsuguy84

Harris stat past 2 games

amsterdam 59/27 10:03 pm
by Mr Breeze

Update on D Williams and Thomas?

pool playah 59/27 10:03 pm
by tjtiger9

when did sec network hire buddy the cake boss?

Relham10 09/27 10:01 pm
by Relham10

I'd like to know

DemSaintsDoh 19/27 10:01 pm
by colorchangintiger

Has LSU ever scored 70 in the past decade?

Volvagia 99/27 10:00 pm
by Volvagia

No LSU QB has looked this good as a freshman

TrueTigerTale159/27 9:59 pm
by TrueTigerTale

so how'd the RB crew do thus far?

JustSouthofInsanity 19/27 9:58 pm
by SouljaBreauxTellEm

The future of LSU is bright

LSUShock 119/27 9:57 pm
by roach3

How many of you people are still at the game?

LSU-MNCBABY 109/27 9:55 pm

Is there a team with more Chest than these Tigers

runningTiger109/27 9:55 pm
by lsucoonass

Why hasn't Les taken McCune out of the game yet?

The Boat 169/27 9:55 pm
by OneMoreTime

Beckwith at MLB

FlappingPierre 59/27 9:54 pm
by BugaSuga36os

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