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Does dr. Phil pay guests to be on his show?Walt OReilly 119/14 5:30 pm
by PsychTiger
Anyone else watching "The Knick"?JBeam 39/14 5:20 pm
by TigerGman
Interesting Art Work Found at Which Wich (Star Wars) **Potential Spoiler**OleWarSkuleAlum09/14 4:12 pm
by OleWarSkuleAlum
Better Off Ted....Freauxzen 149/14 3:30 pm
by MSTiger33
Verizon to launch internet TV- customers pay for only channels they want (Page 1 2)classictiger 209/14 1:24 pm
by junior
The Doctor Who ThreadTN Bhoy 109/14 1:08 pm
by lagallifrey
Richard Linklater is making another baseball movie.Fewer Kilometers 49/14 12:12 pm
by Fewer Kilometers
Netflix recommendations pleaseLSUWhoDat 189/14 12:07 pm
by seeLSUrun
Would you be friends with Kevin Arnold? (Page 1 2)CyrustheVirus 229/14 11:47 am
by WoWyHi
Tom Cruise misunderstood? FMs EoT thread spinoffmeeple 189/14 8:45 am
by elprez00
Andrew Garfield talks about what went wrong with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Page 1 2)abellsujr 309/14 5:00 am
by jj06
Californication fans, what are your thoughts on the final season?Big Moe 119/14 4:01 am
by Sho Nuff
Edge of Tomorrow was Awesome...but the ending was a little reminiscent of thisFox Mulder 109/13 10:46 pm
by Carson123987
Michael Fassbender's fantastic new movie...Frank!betweenthebara 79/13 10:38 pm
by lsuwontonwrap
Call your shot: Topic of South Park's season opener (Page 1 2)CGSC Lobotomy 299/13 10:21 pm
by John McClane
Why wasn't Carl Weathers or Mister T ever in an Expendables movie?finchmeister08 169/13 10:04 pm
by SEClint
Doctor Who Season 8 Premieres this Saturday (Page 1 2 3 ... 9 10 11)Wanderin Reb 2059/13 9:50 pm
by lagallifrey
I watched 2 sci-fi movies with single-room sets, and both were great!Pectus 09/13 9:43 pm
by Pectus
New Civil War Movie: Field of Lost Shoes (2014)RollTide1987 139/13 7:38 pm
by OleWar
Boardwalk EmpireCubanSaint89/13 7:03 pm
by coolpapaboze

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