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Odds AJ starts next week vs AU?

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BluegrassTiger81 239/27 8:39 pm
by BluegrassTiger81

Winning Combo

BayouBoy44 29/27 8:38 pm
by IowaTigerHawk

Please coach don't stop the offense!

broadcaster 09/27 8:37 pm
by broadcaster

when was the negatiger rally to get Harris on the team?

MastrShake 109/27 8:35 pm
by lsutigers1992

I really feel like people are going to expect too much from Harris

HMTVBrian2 149/27 8:35 pm
by efrad

Will LM rest the freshmen in the 2nd half and let the starters play a little?

GallatinTiger 69/27 8:35 pm
by JohnnyBgood

booger says Harris should be the man

LaBR4 29/27 8:35 pm
by ipodking

"Let the Freshman Play"

PG 39/27 8:34 pm
by Mr Breeze

"BH is a superstar in the making"

Delacroix22 99/27 8:34 pm
by TXGunslinger10


GEAUXLPOST 49/27 8:34 pm
by tinoLSU

Fournette is telling all the haters to eat brussel sprouts

The Boat 179/27 8:34 pm
by LessofLes

Can even Miles deny what his own eyes are seeing?

Tiger4Ever 129/27 8:33 pm
by Mr Breeze

How df does Welter continue to start???

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NamariTiger219/27 8:33 pm
by JohnnyBgood

Ready for Jake Clise at QB !

bopper50 29/27 8:33 pm
by bopper50

Greg Gilmore

rayballz1010 59/27 8:32 pm
by rayballz1010

I think LSU can win the West with Harris

theunknownknight 139/27 8:32 pm
by HMTVBrian2

Harris, Fournette, Dupre! LA boys taken over

LSUBS88 49/27 8:32 pm
by Tiger Nation 84

Harris needs reps, NM ST getting paid

ItNeverRains 09/27 8:32 pm
by ItNeverRains

I hate to run up the score, but...

StormTiger 79/27 8:32 pm
by lsu mike

Developing into a classic Marcus Randall/JaMarcus Russell Situation....

Numbers 09/27 8:32 pm
by Numbers

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