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A billionaire Texas donor McCombs bashes Strong hire

Crompdaddy8 Tennessee fan101/8 12:51 pm
by SpartyGator

InsidetheVille.com update on Petrino

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The Egg LSU fan801/8 12:34 pm
by Porky

Two new hires in Tampa: LB & OL Coach

BuccWildBammer Xavier fan31/8 12:12 pm
by BuccWildBammer

James Franklin to be offered by Penn St. - per tennessean.com

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AnonymousTiger LSU fan351/8 8:42 am
by Vandyrone

Why not Jim McElwain or Doc Holliday?

DyeHardDylan Auburn fan111/8 8:29 am
by Sevendust912

Looks like UL sold its soul to the devil

WildcatMike Kentucky fan121/8 12:43 am
by JohnnyBob

UL Vance Bedford headed to Texas

JBeam LSU fan41/7 9:40 pm
by MasterofTigerBait

Thanks CC and Chicken for best Xmas present of the year!

TutHillTiger LSU fan61/7 9:35 pm
by RockyMtnTigerWDE

Petrino wants to coach Louisville again

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cardswinagain Louisville fan261/7 9:13 pm
by SwaggerCopter

Charlie Strong Salary Increase

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Tridentds TexasA&M fan441/7 9:03 pm
by Big12fan

What's the best football school a coach has left for a better job(in college)?

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barry Cincy fan571/7 8:25 pm
by ohiovol

Bama and LSU fans... What do y'all think about Bo Davis?

ToesOnTheNose213 SouthernCal fan121/7 8:13 pm
by CapstoneGrad06

Leslie Frazier named as Tampa's new DC

BuccWildBammer Xavier fan71/7 2:47 pm
by BuccWildBammer

If Petrino goes back to UL he could terrorize the ACC

rolltide32 Alabama fan101/7 1:34 pm
by Phil A Sheo

Terry Joseph now A&M defensive backs coach

CGSC Lobotomy TexasA&M fan91/7 11:12 am
by S

Chances Mullen is targeted for the Penn State job?

pivey14 MissSt fan161/7 10:45 am
by Sevendust912

Strong will end up failing HUGE

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SettleDown LSU fan401/7 9:38 am
by Overbrook

Who are the top Candidates for the Titans job?

CountryVolFan Tennessee fan101/7 8:18 am
by 12

LSUfreek on Strong to Texas

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AU86 Auburn fan381/7 1:04 am
by olemc999

Mark Mangino to Iowa State as OC

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The_Joker Arkansas fan241/7 12:58 am
by Ed Wuncler III

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