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Been registered since 2004, TD has millions of hits from me alone...

by bgtiger
bgtiger USA fan146/25 4:09 am

reoccuring talking ad

by Lester Earl
Lester Earl NotreDame fan06/23 7:15 pm
Lester Earl

How do you bookmark threads on the desktop version?

by Dale Murphy
Dale Murphy ULM fan26/23 5:14 pm
Dale Murphy

Why did my babe thread get whacked?

by Jack Daniel
Jack Daniel16/26 10:44 am
Jack Daniel

Ads that can't be turned off

by madddoggydawg
36/23 8:58 am

password character requirements

by SouthernInsanity
16/23 6:29 am

Just got a pop-up ad on mobile at bottom of screen...pic included.

by The Pirate King
The Pirate King Penn fan06/22 3:06 pm
The Pirate King

In honor of my 30,000th post I request a favor from the admins

by theunknownknight
16/22 1:07 pm

CptBengal and the alleged confession.

by Salviati
106/21 4:27 pm
Hugo Stiglitz

Problems writing message

by eScott
46/21 8:20 am

On the OT. Why is "French drain" anchored and "Mexican wedding" not?

by whit
26/21 2:54 am

How do u post a video

by WPsportsman
36/20 9:41 pm
tjohn deaux

Time for the opening kickoff countdown clock

by Cap Crunch
Cap Crunch USA fan66/20 9:32 pm
tjohn deaux

Why is RCD's thread about the victims' families forgiving anchored?

by HailHailtoMichigan!
HailHailtoMichigan! Michigan fan36/19 11:27 pm

Posting Links, Pics and quotes from IPad/Google Chrome

by dpd901
26/19 4:19 pm

Click bait titles are getting out of hand

by Mr.Perfect
Mr.Perfect76/19 11:16 am

Why was my thread about anti-intellectualism whacked?

by Rex
86/18 4:41 pm

Recruiting Tracker error

by TheMuffinMan
16/18 1:44 pm

Pop up link on mobile

by HubbaBubba
26/17 10:13 pm

Cleanup on aisle MSB

by Cosmo
Cosmo UNO fan46/17 3:51 pm
c on z
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