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how do i post a picture


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re: how do i post a picture

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re: how do i post a picture
If it's a picture you took, you have to upload it to photobucket or something like that.

You need the direct link, like what would show up where you would normally type, "www. whatever." You need that link.

Come here, click on the "img" button when you go to post something, paste the entire link there.

Click preview to make sure it works. If you're doing it from your phone, delete the default "http" that shows up, there's already an "http" in your link. If you don't, it'll mess up and won't post the pic. You'll get a red X or whatever.

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re: how do i post a picture
1. host pic on imgur or photobucket or other hosting site

2. copy pic url

3. paste pic url in OT post

4. highlight url

5. click IMG button under Markup on right of page

6. profit

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re: how do i post a picture
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re: how do i post a picture

too helpful

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