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Welcome to the new version of the site...please read this thread for important details

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by Chicken
Chicken 31010/3 8:40 pm
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FAQ: Why do I keep getting logged off of TD?

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by When in Rome
When in Rome 2710/11 11:18 am
Dave lsu 89
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FAQ: Why was my thread anchored (or deleted)?

by Chicken
Chicken 010/26 8:36 am
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Post All Sig Pic Requests Here

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by stout
stout 1124810/12 11:54 am

Avi image not showing up

by weagle99
weagle99 210/18 6:10 pm

Redirecting to a fake amazon page with a pop-up.

by wadewilson
wadewilson 210/18 4:40 pm

What the hell?

by Lou Pai
Lou Pai 510/18 4:01 pm

Thread on rant isn't moving to top?

by LordoftheManor
LordoftheManor 210/17 11:26 am

My Week 5 Pick 'em Results

by wheelz007
wheelz007 210/17 10:21 am
G The Tiger Fan

new Game Thread Format is stout!

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by CptBengal
CptBengal 2010/17 10:04 am

Mods check the Sec recruiting board

by PPeterson1
PPeterson1 510/16 4:57 pm
Walking the Earth

Coaching Changes Board

by Costanza
Costanza 010/16 1:39 pm

Avi pic help

by jiffyjohnson
jiffyjohnson 310/15 7:58 pm
Captain Lafitte

:: To the Pick'em people

by TigerRuss
TigerRuss 410/15 1:27 pm

Please teach me how to post an avatar pic these days

by Y.A. Tittle
Y.A. Tittle310/15 12:55 pm

Pick em results

by tiger chaser
tiger chaser 010/15 8:39 am
tiger chaser

2017 College FB Pick'em Session 7

by Captain Lafitte
Captain Lafitte 110/14 10:52 pm


by 56lsu
56lsu 110/14 9:25 pm


by CP
CP 010/14 5:27 pm

Use of the word "baw" and/or "baws" on the Rant

by Alatgr
Alatgr 1110/13 7:34 pm

Can banned poster respond to admin?

by whitefoot
whitefoot 710/13 4:10 pm

Week 5 College Pick'em

by GoldenBoy
GoldenBoy 310/12 6:41 pm
G The Tiger Fan

Admins someone has gone rogue

by JPLSU1981
JPLSU1981 110/12 11:25 am

Can we bring back the page number links for the SEC Scoreboard game threads?

by weagle99
weagle99 310/12 4:07 am
Ed Osteen

Is it kosher to post photos of license plates?

by RedPop4
RedPop4 210/11 10:22 pm
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