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Xbox On Demand Games

why is it that the old games are still 20-30 bucks when if you happen to find it in store, it is maybe 15 or 10?

do any of you buy games on demand?

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re: Xbox On Demand Games
Mostly the indie or the arcade ones. I stay away from the full games because of the pricing. The prices on them are bull shite.

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re: Xbox On Demand Games
It's ridiculous how they work the pricing on older games. They had a really good sale on there where most of the full games fell under $10 but that was the first time a sale like that happened.

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re: Xbox On Demand Games
Is there a way to move "gold" or gamer points or whatever the xbox live currency is from one account to another?

My 360 got the RRoD, and a friend who only uses PS3 now gave me his old one. His account on there has some points he said I could take if I could figure out how to do that.

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re: Xbox On Demand Games
I do not believe you can

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