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Guild Wars 2 or LOTRO

I played LOTRO from the public beta until about 6 months after it went "live." Love the LOTR universe. Watched some vids of GW2 and it seems pretty cool, but possibly overwhelming. Anyone have a suggestion out of these two? Leaning to going back to LOTRO, but I saw that GW2 has open PVP, which is something I like.

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re: Guild Wars 2 or LOTRO

GW2 has open PVP, which is something I like.

Unless you are on a dominating realm it sucks, imo. Some fun can be had.

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re: Guild Wars 2 or LOTRO
GW2 is pretty fun. I played it a bunch. Still play it now, just not as much. Lots of content updates, free to play after initial purchase, great graphics.

the structured PVP was disapointing

the world vs world was ok, but like dourden says, kinda sucks if you are outmanned.

i will still contend it was the best leveling experience i personally ever had in an MMO, though. Really well done

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re: Guild Wars 2 or LOTRO
LOTRO is free, so try both?

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