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Waterfront grill in Monroe

Ate there fri night.
I'd say it s Monroe version f sammys.

Had the catfish disaird.
Wife had grilled shrimp salad.
Pepper jack spinich dip for app.
3 beers.
45 bucks.

Been 10-12 yrs since ive last been there.
I'll give it a Bplus.
They need different chips for app and they need beer on tap.

Solid place though if you find yourself in monroe.

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re: Waterfront grill in Monroe
They have some solid lunches too. I can't remember what day is beef tips because I haven't lived there in 7 years, but you locals need to go on beef tip day. They are damn fine.

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re: Waterfront grill in Monroe
i think its pretty good, and it is a nice environment with good patrons. not 5 star by any means but makes for a nice dinner

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re: Waterfront grill in Monroe

catfish disaird.
my go to.. actually desiard..

that building was one of the main hangouts of the 70's.. the siesta lounge..i have to erase the memories before i eat in there..

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re: Waterfront grill in Monroe
I got some type of shrimp dinner when I went. Only had 5 shrimp ... The rest was a rue. Really pissed me off that I paid well over a buck per shrimp.

The 5 shrimp were good though.

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re: Waterfront grill in Monroe
Siesta lounge ...had its own hotel across the street

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