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Hola Nola wraps/burritos

What is the take on these?

At the very least they are much better than that Mission brand crap.

The Uptown
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re: Hola Nola wraps/burritos
I use them since it's the best I can find at Rouse's

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fightin tigers
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re: Hola Nola wraps/burritos
Made in Gonzales/Geismar. Fresh.

Know one of the salespeople, think he lurks/posts

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re: Hola Nola wraps/burritos
I've only used their corn tortillas once. I liked them. First bought them because they were the only corn tortillas I could find. Then realized they were local and I really liked them.

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re: Hola Nola wraps/burritos
I used to buy the corn ones but they just have way too much of a rubbery taste and texture. The flour ones are damn good though I'll continue to buy those.

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re: Hola Nola wraps/burritos
I eat the wheat ones a good bit. The crawfish ones are interesting.

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re: Hola Nola wraps/burritos

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re: Hola Nola wraps/burritos
I like the flour medium sized wraps. Easy to separate after I freeze them. My kids complain about them when I use them for their lunches but they complain about everything so I don't pay any attention.

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