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Coffee on steak?

I think I saw it on here about putting some ground coffee on steak along with the seasoning? Maybe I didn't, if not I know where it was. Anybody do this? What does it taste like? Does it do anything other than add flavor? I swear I saw this somewhere, and it sounds strange but intruiging to me...

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re: Coffee on steak?
I saw it on food network. A famous steakhouse in Chicago I think rolls their filet in coffee.

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re: Coffee on steak?
It's a pretty common technique.

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re: Coffee on steak?
I did it on some bone in pork chops and it was great, like adding another salt component. I will be using in some other meats in the future.

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re: Coffee on steak?
Alma, it sounds very interesting. Very.

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re: Coffee on steak?

My son bought this rub for me when we were at the beach. I've used it to great affect on ribs. I have a tri-tip in the fridge that will be getting a healthy dose of this come Sunday. Coffee adds a chocolatey, earthy flavor. Perhaps a little mesquite and oak when cooking beef....... Mmmmmmm.....

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re: Coffee on steak?
i prefer ketchup

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