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re: Best restaurants near LSU


I like tall brunettes,

best kind of female out there imo. i like ur tastes


Maybe I'll go sit in her section one day this week. Just order beer, and then when I'm bit give her a good talking to. Really see what's the story there. I'm about to move out of this town in May. May as well just go around and start telling people goodbye.

it wouldn't hurt. where are you moving to?

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re: Best restaurants near LSU

id prefer my hamburger meat to not be bought out of the back of an 88 caddy

it might be the secret to his marinade

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re: Best restaurants near LSU
yea, i understand that, but i obviously can never get tired of their wings and huge beers.

usually the first place i go when i get into town.

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re: Best restaurants near LSU
Brewbachers - Cheeseburger poboy
Rotolos - Mufaletta pizza
Chelseas - Grilled cheese
Georges - any club
Little Village - Redfish
Camelot Club - Duck in White

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