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Welcome to the Fark Board! Useful Info, Tips, and Wallpaper Inside.

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by Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz 2510/7 7:47 pm
Cheese Grits

Need .gif help please.

by Model Citizen
Model Citizen 010/6 1:56 pm
Model Citizen

Logo Completion Help/Photoshop

by forever lsu30
forever lsu30 010/6 12:41 pm
forever lsu30

Cell Phone Wallpapers

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by timdallinger
timdallinger 46710/6 11:51 am

fark request....

PBD4BAMA 110/6 9:30 am

Guy from OT thread that needs to be farked

by ithad2bme
ithad2bme 010/6 9:02 am

LSU Freek or similar gif farker, can you help me in my quest?

by Cheese Grits
Cheese Grits 010/6 8:58 am
Cheese Grits

Saban vs Richt and Schotty

by DawgCountry
DawgCountry1110/6 6:45 am

CMR - Who'll Stop the Rain?

by HarryBalzack
HarryBalzack310/5 7:08 pm

Josh McCown helicopter gif fark request

by Hazelnut
Hazelnut 710/5 4:41 pm
Bama and Beer

Saban, Kiffin Fark request

by Uncs
Uncs410/5 1:04 pm
Purple N Gold Blood

Leonard Fournette fark request

by Placebeaux
Placebeaux 710/5 8:56 am

Gif request

by ctiger69
ctiger69 210/4 6:51 pm

I need a new sig pic and I'm hoping y'all can help

by Geaux-2-L-O-Miss
Geaux-2-L-O-Miss 210/4 7:39 am

Fark Request

by BarberitosDawg
BarberitosDawg 310/3 11:25 pm

This needs and I Got It, I got It, Nope

by Ellssu
Ellssu 210/3 10:14 pm

Where are the Lane Kiffin farks?

by rbdaddy
rbdaddy 1610/3 9:21 am

Superman Fark Request

by Whereisomaha
Whereisomaha 210/2 10:01 pm

10,000 Post Opus

by HarryBalzack
HarryBalzack510/2 11:23 am
Nole Man

Fark my bearded friend

by Marciano1
Marciano1 1410/2 5:20 am
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