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Welcome to the Fark Board! Useful Info, Tips, and Wallpaper Inside.

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by Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz USA fan2510/7 7:47 pm
Cheese Grits

KIm Jung Un fark potential open canvas

by bengalbait
bengalbait Florida fan115/23 1:26 am
Johnson City Reb

Okay Farkers Lets see what you got.

by La Place Mike
65/22 5:48 pm

Fark Gaston's Art Project

by mylsuhat
mylsuhat Saints fan25/22 2:30 pm

Improving picture resolution request

by LSUsmartass
LSUsmartass Pitt fan55/22 1:40 pm

Official Wallpaper Thread

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by Nortizzle
Nortizzle8205/22 1:17 pm

Al Sharpton says the Oscars are too white

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by The Pain Train
The Pain Train5845/22 1:06 pm

Downvote gif request

by hg
65/22 8:47 am

Fark that Jeopardy gif

by Pectus
Pectus Saints fan165/21 8:39 pm
nick pants

Can anyone add "TIGERS WIN" to any of these gifs (NSFW?)

by arseinclarse
arseinclarse USA fan25/21 5:25 pm

Saban Signing Things...

by DawgFARKer
DawgFARKer Georgia fan125/20 3:11 pm

Kansas furniture store goes scorched earth

by TejasHorn
TejasHorn Texas fan65/20 12:06 pm

USCe stands melting

by shawnlsu
25/18 9:32 am

Burundian protester

by duggieblue
duggieblue Auburn fan35/17 11:29 am

Official farxpert appreciation thread

by Cmlsu5618
Cmlsu5618 McNeeseState fan55/17 6:23 am

Paul Pierce/Miss Cleo/Series Fark

by NorthGwinnettTiger
NorthGwinnettTiger Auburn fan25/16 7:30 am

Felt like it was time to make a real sig pic.

by CapitalCityDevil
CapitalCityDevil Georgetown fan25/15 2:53 pm

Ted Cruz Bumper Stickers

by RebelOP
RebelOP Olemiss fan55/15 2:51 pm

Fark request: LOL Didn't Read

by Ellis Dee
Ellis Dee USA fan35/14 9:47 pm
Ellis Dee

Unique Picture for Wedding Save-the-Date

by avidday
55/14 5:47 pm
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