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re: WBRZ Gameday Traffic Story for those who are Interested.

yeah it does appear that the cops are a big part of the problem.

I have been saying this for years. They rarely if ever direct traffic, they rarely get out of their cars, they park their cars in traffic lanes and block them, further constricting traffic, they place unnecessary barricades that redirect traffic inefficiently, they close off free parking lots when they are still well below capacity because "I'm just following orders", and when they actually do direct traffic, it's an absolute nightmare.

Traffic doesn't really begin to flow until they leave. Which is why for night games, I generally stay until the end of Saturday Night Live, because by then, the cops have left and all of the cars can finally flow out.

We would be much better off as a whole with just a handful of cops directing traffic at places where lots of pedestrians need to cross a busy street. Everywhere else, send them home and stop draining LSU and the State's coffers by paying them useless overtime to make things worse.
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re: WBRZ Gameday Traffic Story for those who are Interested.
I agree. I came off a side street between Highland and Burbank and attempted a left turn at on Burbank at a green light, only to be waved off with a flashlight from a BRPD on the other side of the intersection. Was heading down Burbank to turn onto left on Nicholson, only to be stopped by a barricade and directed on Gourrier back toward Parker. Turned down Parker to try a left on Burbank again, only to be told by one of BRPD's finest working the light that it would 30 minutes before I could turn left on Burbank.

I politely asked her to please fix the system. She assured me the system worked fine for them and there are no traffic issues. She also informed me that the issue was with people coming off side streets and that the parking areas received priority.

So the real problem isn't the system, it's all you people parking on side streets.

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