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re: The ObamaCare Website – The Biggest Tech Gaggle Ever?

There's a guy in Hoover who could take one look at the code and fix it.

NOBODY in Alabama is that smart.

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re: The ObamaCare Website – The Biggest Tech Gaggle Ever?
The thing that bothers me is that nobody is held accountable by either party for crap like this.

It really wasn't long ago, politicians got in trouble for spending money on worthless trips. Now any amount seems palatable to either side.

Not long ago, if a project went from 95 to over 600 million there would be hearings and firings. Nope. Both sides love the trough.

Dems will never stop spending so I say it is time to toss ALL repubs out. All of them. Make it clear we want fiscally responsible politicians or none at all.

Sure it would cause short term pain but eventually they would get the message.

Problem is it will never happen. If Obama has proven anything it is that we have reached a point where our beliefs are obliterated by the "want" to stay in power.

Obama has clearly violated almost every tenet held dear by Libs but you can't get a single lib here to admit it.

Expansion of the Patriot Act while holding a super majority is all I have to say to you folks. There is no disputing it. You can't. All of you libs railed over it and yet you had a super majority and did nothing.

Conservatives. What are you smirking about? They have been as bad a libs when it comes to spending money and pork projects.

Hate all of you and not just a little.

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re: The ObamaCare Website – The Biggest Tech Gaggle Ever?

NOBODY in Alabama is that smart.

The Dude is a legend. Think Phil Katz. We used to exchange emails in hex. Don't know why he's still working with all the IP checks he's getting.

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