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re: Brees moving up the charts

Yeah, getting pretty sick of the Peyton Manning love fest every year. He's one of the best, i get it...but to completely ignore Brees in conversations and MVP voting when he has a super bowl win (against the anointed one), the multiple NFL records records, is just pathetic. The superbowl season is a perfect example of it...Peyton wins season MVP, loses the superbowl to the guy that passes for over 5000 yards and gets superbowl MVP. Just doesn't seem like Drew would get any respect even if he broke every record in existence.

Yep. Peyton Manning is a great quarterback, but when you take into context the way they slobber over him in the sports media, he's overrated. Let's not forget, his playoff record is right around .500, but if you listen to the way ESPN, NFL Network, etc., talk about Manning, you'd swear he walked on water, has never thrown an interception, or even misread a defense in his life. The story of the Super Bowl wasn't Manning's film study, but Tracy Porter's and the rest of the Saints' defense's film study. Porter recognized their favorite play, sat on the route, and broke on it when Manning thew it, resulting in one of the most memorable plays in Saints history.

I don't know if anyone else caught it, but in Payton's speech on the podium after the Super Bowl, he referred to Brees as the League MVP... I caught it when he said it and thought it was awesome.

When Brees was in the running with Manning, the excuses they used as why Manning was more deserving were the exact same reasons they used why Brees shouldn't get it over Rogers a year or two later. It's a definite media bias, and one that seems to give Brees a huge chip on his shoulder as it should.

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re: Brees moving up the charts
They call it northeast bias for a reason. If Brees played for the Giants, I don't think he'd be playing second fiddle quite as much, but it's simply not the case.

He got lambasted for breaking Unitas' record last year, like it was something dispicable. How much criticism do you think Brady gets for beating Brees out? It'll just be another notch on his GOAT resume. And I don't begrudge Brady that, it's just the way things are.
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