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BBQ Thighs (photos)

Had some bone in thighs, new potatoes and green peas. Sounds like a meal to me.

Rinsed and dryed the thighs then added my dry rub.

Tenderly massaged it in and set them aside for a couple of hours

Eventually started a fire in the pit.

And used indirect heat for cooking the thighs.

Closed up the pit for a while and let the heat and volitile organic carcinogens do their stuff.

Eventually sauced up the guys. I was at a pause in making potatoes and peas. The chicken was pretty much done and it seemed like a good time to do it

Time passes and the sauce thickens

The new potatoes were scrubbed and boiled in salted water until just a little past fork tender (because we like them that way), then buttered, peppered and dusted with fresh parsley flakes. The peas were cooked with a half teaspoon of sugar, a half teaspoon of salt and a little butter.




Have a blessed weekend

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