The Shanle takes shot at Spags |

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re: The Shanle takes shot at Spags

Spag fricking sucked and he broke records for being so terrible, yet you guys are bashing on a guy for calling the guy out?

How is that any different from any of you calling out how terrible Spags was during the season?

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re: The Shanle takes shot at Spags

We aren't trying to get NFL contracts

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re: The Shanle takes shot at Spags

Spags was overrated. I don't think people realize the year they won the superbowl with them Tom took over the defensive play calling from spags it was on nfl network nfl films.Plus spags had tons of talent on that team. Other then that he did shitty with the rams. Shanle had one good year with us then he just the rest of the years. I'm glad we got Ryan I see a good defense in our future.

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