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re: Is CP3 even a possibility

best chance of winning ASAP

a lot of the clipper problems can be fixed by having a real NBA coach. that said, still dont think they are more than a conference semifinalist.

the clippers have a brighter future over the next year or two, pelicans over the next 4 years and beyond.

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re: Is CP3 even a possibility
I love everyone's optimism.

I think I'll play it safe and wait til after the draft and free agency.

Yes, we have a lot of money to spend. But TigerinAtl told me (and I respect his opinion) that New Orleans isn't a free agent destination. So with that said, what are the realistic chances we land some game changers?

And to say this years crop of rookies will immediately change this team is crazy. IMO, this years draft is full of Thomas Robinsons. And they don't even look as impressive in college. That's why would should trade the pick.

I'm hoping like crazy my feelings are wrong. I can't even stand thinking of another season like last.

frick the Clippers and the whiny horse they rode in on.

Eta. And we have the whole EG shite going on.
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