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There's the career % list for every NFL kicker.

Hartley only has 7 guys ahead of him. If you live in Chad's skewed world where you don't count his 13 for 13 season, he has 30 guys ahead of him.

That's in the history of the NFL.

For some frame of reference, the 50th kicker has 77.3%. 75th has 73.3%. 100th has 67.8%.

Again this is in the history of the NFL.

Like I said, if we find someone better then great. But he has held a solid 81% in his last 3 years. It's not like you can snap your fingers and find someone better and kickers are streaky as hell. Him holding 81.8%, 80%, and 81.8% over 3 years shows consistency.

If he drops off I have no doubt Payton will cut him, but let's wait for that to happen or for us to actually find another guy before we call for a solid kicker's head.

Another tidbit, only 13 kickers have finished their career at 80% or better. Only 9 of them had careers longer than 10 years.
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re: The truth about Garrett Hartley
You are relying upon what was done 5 yrs ago to hold water. That's like saying a rb avged 5.2 yds a yr and 3.9 for 5 yrs but everything okay cause his old stats are still floating his numbers

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