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re: New Orleans Saints: 2013 Hype Video

I kept all of the logos and stuff (cbs, espn, nfln), so who knows. I do have it on youtube, but I'm sure as more people watch it, it might be taken down. But, I have seen numerous videos that feature stuff from ESPN, NFL Network, etc.

Kind of in awe of how much it's being shared right now honestly. I searched twitter and saw at least 6-7 tweets linking it. The Vimeo video is closing in on 4000 views in less than 2 days which is surprising to me, maybe If I were to have started it with youtube it'd be even more than that. The youtube video won't play on mobile so I decided not to link that one. The quality is also not quite as good as the vimeo version.

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re: New Orleans Saints: 2013 Hype Video
I sent it to about 20 of my friends via group me. shite spreads, especially when it's good.

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