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Archie definitely didn't blow.

He had the talent to be a HoF QB. Fact. He just happened to play on the worst teams of all time. He was sacked 340 times despite being extremely mobile, because of how poorly the Saints Oline played. I mean, we are talking the most dysfunctional stretch of time for any franchise ever.

He lead the Conference in passing on a 2 win team. I think he won MVP on a losing team. I mean...yeah.

2 probowls 0 all pros 0 anything else of note.

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re: Top 5 Saints Players of All Time
It's true Chad, had Archie had a better surrounding cast, his career would have been different for sure. Coulda Woulda Shoulda, I know, but hey, like you said, when he was playing on as bad of a team as he was, he couldn't do it all himself ya know?

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