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re: Advice on how to be a great Dad!


Taze your kid with you (almost) every where you go. I taze my daughter to Home Depot, AutoZone, to get gas, the grocery store, where ever. It lets us spend time together, and small stuff like that will be remembered when she gets older.

Yes. I'd like to point out how good this advice is. You gotta be prepared to taze your kid anywhere y'all go together. If not, then what's to stop order and authority from breaking down?

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re: Advice on how to be a great Dad!
Teach your son (assuming you have a boy) to be a really good at golf

Don't scrimp on lessons and shit
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re: Advice on how to be a great Dad!

spend as much time with them as possible

They learn from your actions more than they learn from words
Be a father AND a friend
Don't be a douche, get down on the floor and play along with them every now and then.
I've been to so many school functions where the parents stay glued to their cell phones the whole time. Kids DO pick up on that shit, dumbass.

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re: Advice on how to be a great Dad!
Did somebody say taze your kid?

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re: Advice on how to be a great Dad!
If it is a son, make sure he is tall , handsome, and has a long penis.
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re: Advice on how to be a great Dad!
Show love constantly
Discipline fairly but firmly
Be silly
Be their buddy, but also don't hesitate to teach when the opportunity arises or admonish when needed.

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re: Advice on how to be a great Dad!
TL;DR. There's more but I stopped. Excuse the typos. On my phone.

#1 Be there. Kids don't want quality time, they want quantity time.

#2 Be a behavior model. Act the way you want them to act as they grow up. They will copy you. Make sure they have positive behavior to copy.

#3 Redirect bad behavior quickly. Separate not liking the bad behavior from loving them.

#4 Spanking is a valuable way to get their full attention, if needed. Especially in cases of safety. A prime example is if they dart into the street or similar.

#5 Kids don't have the experience and judgement to raise themselves. You have to say no and be the bad guy sometimes.

#6 It's better if you let then climb on the couch and fall off before they don't understand consequences and climb on the roof and jump off. Aldo play catch so they can learn to judge the speed of moving objects.

#7 Keep Internet and tv content age appropriate. TV is a shitty babysitter. If they are exposed to adult themes without the maturity to process it, it cheapens their appreciation of the emotional impact. For example, most sitcoms are one line put downs of everybody and parents are always a dufus. Let them watch that when they understand its not reality. The freaks on Maury and whomever are presented as normal. They are not. Let that be known.

TV also teaches a 6 minute attention span then a commercial break. There's no break every 6 minutes in school or at work. Don't let them get programmed.

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re: Advice on how to be a great Dad!
Tell them they are loved. They will hear that and it will last a life time.

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