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re: Free Agency Ain't Done

Big space eater. It's not what Ryan looks for in his lineman. For instance, despite Shaun Rogers size Ryan used him as a 3-4 end to rush the passer. He opted not to use him as a space eater like we tried to do.

He wants his linemen to shed the block into their assigned gap and get into the backfield to stuff the run on sack the QB.

This is the main difference between GW's D and Ryan's. Gregg had the linemen hold the blocks and blitz the LBs the stop the run or pressure the QB.

I'm curious to see if the results turn out better(leaning to yes).

Back to Hampton, everything I've seen from him from play style to size says space eater. Bad scheme fit.

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re: Free Agency Ain't Done

I think you have too narrow of a view of Ryan's scheme. He used a 4-3 at Oakland. Rogers did as much NT as DE in Cleveland. Their Nt the next year was Ahtyba Rubin. He's definitely a space eater. Dallas was just one year with Jason Hatcher. Just think rolling in a space eating vet for some 1st & 2nd down rotation wouldn't be bad.

A lot to be seen though. If they point Hicks at NT I do like the rotation of Bunkley & him a lot.

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