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re: Mainieri: Stevenson in CF is "fairly permanent"


I took walks into account

Not unless I missed one of your posts while scanning the thread. Katz only has 8 fewer plate appearances than Bregman before factoring in subs, not 15. And he has the same amount of appearances as Laird.

ETA: Walks, HBP, sac bunts, and sac flies will not appear as have to add them all back in.
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re: Mainieri: Stevenson in CF is "fairly permanent"
I don't kow why the lineup was set the way it is, but 2-6 are getting mad results.
I don't think 3-5 will change for the rest of the season unless one of them slips into a major slump.
2 and 6 will probably stay where they are most of the season too, but at some point I see Ibarra slipping a bit, and could get moved lower in the order.
Laird could bid for lead off if you ask me. I remember CPM saying if he hits a ball that bounces three times, he is safe at first. He's killing it right now, and puts tons of infield ground balls in play that he beats out. To me it makes sense to bat him first, so the leadoff runner doesn't get taken out in a FC.
If Jones' line drives he's been hitting find the grass they deserve, he could find himself in the 1 or 2 spot, or 9 as CPM likes the "2nd Leadoff".

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re: Mainieri: Stevenson in CF is "fairly permanent"
Stevenson is the best outfielder of all 4 in discussion. Not sure what you mean about him running around for the ball.

As just a casual fan with zero baseball skill, it seems like he takes funny angles that have me holding my breath to see if he gets there -and he does get there! But I haven't noticed the same w Laird, Sciambra, Rhymes. Used to feel that way w Foster, too. I'm sure w mr mainieri has a better grasp of his ability than I do, though!

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re: Mainieri: Stevenson in CF is "fairly permanent"
Wasn't including rhymes as part of the 4. He's obviously not coming out. Guess you didn't watch the Sunday Auburn game.

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