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WOWYHI, Dutch Twins Edition


Louise and Martine Fokkens, both 70, say they are finding it a ‘painful’ struggle to go on working in Amsterdam’s notorious ‘red light zone’. They claim to be the oldest prostitutes in the Dutch city and last year starred in a documentary film named Meet The Fokkens. Mother-of-four Louise admitted, though, that her arthritis means some positions are now ‘too painful’ – while mother-of-three Martine complained about a drop in custom. Only one elderly man addicted to his weekly S&M sessions remains a regular, she said. ‘I couldn’t give him up. He’s been coming to me for so long it’s like going to church on a Sunday,’ Martine added. Brothels were legalised in the Netherlands in 2000 – but the sisters say this ‘has not improved prostitutes’ lives’. Martine said: ‘It is better for the pimps and the foreigners, but not for the Dutch girls.’ But the twins are confident their income from film rights will keep them solvent in the years of retirement ahead.

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re: WOWYHI, Dutch Twins Edition

You got me.

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re: WOWYHI, Dutch Twins Edition

Eh, I'll hopefully be 70 myself and then probably IWHI if I still can.

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re: WOWYHI, Dutch Twins Edition

Barge in the background, 2, then 1

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