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re: Cincy DC Mike Zimmer not impressed with Mathieu

and I know for a fact Zimmer couldnt bench press 225 four times

eta: and this was before today and I'm sure his opinion has changed.
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re: Cincy DC Mike Zimmer not impressed with Mathieu
Anyone know what Deon benched? The answer is "no". Everyone knows he ran a 4.2 and change. CB are not paid to tackle or bench press. They are paid to run with a WR, change direction without losing speed, react to a pass , close on a ball an make a play. Other than the intial "jam" at the line , bench press means very little to a CB. In light of the rule changes, the "jam at the line" is not nearly as significant as it was 10 years ago. TM7 will either make plays with his speed/reaction and ball hawk skills or he won't. Bench press will have very little to do with this.

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re: Cincy DC Mike Zimmer not impressed with Mathieu
Hey, the guy posted an opinion, and maybe he was sandbagging and maybe he wasn't. Way too much misdirection goes on in public communication regarding draft prospects to tell. There are strategic considerations to both talking up and talking down a player, and they don't necessarily correspond to that team wishing to take that player.

All that said, TM7 had a wonderful opportunity to show teams that he meant business by showing up at the Combine and wowing them. He didn't do that. Lots of NFL teams will have legitimate questions about his dedication to improving himself going into the draft based on the circumstances surrounding his departure from LSU. For him to do so poorly on a drill he knew was coming doesn't speak well for his preparation and may be a reason some NFL teams take a pass on him.

The Combine is only about the workout as an objective measurement of what the teams think they see on the game film. The two games where he faced the most potential NFL talent (the 11/5/11 & 1/9/12 Bama games), he essentially disappeared. The Combine helps teams figure out how much of that was due to him being physically unprepared for the NFL. His argument about “winning on the field, not in the weight room” is probably true, but completely irrelevant to the exercise at hand.

I hope he gets to a good team and becomes a productive NFL player. His performance at the Combine may not have helped him do that.


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re: Cincy DC Mike Zimmer not impressed with Mathieu
Pre draft talk for " we love him"

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re: Cincy DC Mike Zimmer not impressed with Mathieu
They'll talk bad about him just because they really love him

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re: Cincy DC Mike Zimmer not impressed with Mathieu

Does anyone think that just cause TM7 only benched 4 times that that's his life's limit?

The point the coach was making is that the low bench reps is a sign that the character issues are not behind Mathieu. If he was working hard he'd have done more than four reps. Not saying I agree, but that's his point.

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re: Cincy DC Mike Zimmer not impressed with Mathieu
Like Deion tweeted-
"I never had to lift Jerry Rice over my chest. I just had to cover him"

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