The Saints have hired Rob Ryan |

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re: The Saints have hired Rob Ryan


We need a farking of this as a maternity photo.

Or of Rob with the superdome as his gut

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re: The Saints have hired Rob Ryan

I keep myself in good shape except for my drinking but.....I have no idea how you hang around stacked dudes all day, pass up a loaded workout room constantly, have NFL trainers and workout gurus and are still fat. At least he's not Charlie Weiss gelatinous fat.

If our D is in the top half of the NFL, I smell Super Bowl. All he has to do is slow down the opponents offense and we are golden. Let Payton and brees do the rest.

The saints are going to come out pissed bc of frickdell and his tyrant policies. Lookout next year. Payton has been fuming for a year and is going to throw some serious schemes at our opponents.

Book it

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