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re: Cam Cameron offensive style

Why is every one concerned with the run when against Clemson Hill only got 1 carry in the 4th. quarter when he had over 100 yds. in the first half?

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re: Cam Cameron offensive style
We are concerned about running the ball. I assume most people just don't want to sacrifice our running game for our passing game.

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re: Cam Cameron offensive style


Well, he got fired from the Ravens for not giving the ball to Ray Rice enough and letting the Super Bowl MVP air it out. Also, his offense just steamrolled the NFL playoffs, even if it was without him.

No. That's not why he was fired.

He called out Harbaugh in front of the team for going-get this-conservative at the end of the first half of his last game.

Harbaugh had no choice but to axe him if he wanted to retain the respect and authority he had in the locker-room. He's already said CC's getting a Super Bowl Ring. Not sure if CC will want it.

So no, he didn't get fired for schematic problems. He didn't get fired for playcalling problems. He got fired because he was mad someone was putting their foot on the brakes of his offense, piped up about it at the wrong time and had to get Fredo'd as a result.

John Harbaugh was a position coach on CC's Indiana staff. He also coached Jim Harbaugh at Michigan, where he was on staff alongside Les Miles.

Nice try, though.

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re: Cam Cameron offensive style

It is a pro-style running offense that baits defenses with play action for deep strikes.

Serious question, how is this different than what was developed through this past season at LSU? Execution of those plays non withstanding?

I understand consistency and timing of which play is called can be as or more important than general offensive style. Even to the point of a game hinging on a single 3 play series or a one play clock management decision.

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