Larb, laarb, lahb, larp, ... Thai meat salad WITH PICTURES |

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Larb, laarb, lahb, larp, ... Thai meat salad WITH PICTURES

Tonight's supper is a Thai dish which goes by different spellings. It can be made with ground pork, ground beef, ground chicken ... many variations. The recipe I used today is Laab

The ingredients (most of them):

Brown the ground pork that you've marinated in lime juice:

Toast raw rice in a skillet. I had basmati.

I wish you could smell how fragrant it became as it toasted:

Finally, golden brown:

Now you've got to use a mortar and pestle:

And grind it up, but not all into a powder. Various textures are good, comme ça:

The ground pork goes into a bowl. Add the fish sauce, the chopped shallots, cilantro and chili and most of the toasted ground rice. Mix it all together:

It can be served with sticky rice, but I like to use cabbage. If only you could taste what the combination of flavors is like!

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