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re: OT Pet Snake owners

We've had a lot of snakes through the years. My mom is a science teacher and rescues them that get dumped off at reptile shelter places.

We've had some aggressive ones, and you have to know how to handle them properly. None of us have ever been bitten, even by ones that probably would bite people.

I think it's common for dumb people to buy snakes and not take care of them properly. They feed them live food, which makes the aggressive. That's when they end up escaping or attacking people.

They are just like any other pet. Any animal can be hostile when not brought up properly.

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re: OT Pet Snake owners

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re: OT Pet Snake owners
Have owned several snakes through the years, Ball pythons are fairly tame. I would suggest not feeding them live food, also NEVER feed them in their cage. Go to wal mart and get a Rubber maid container and feed them in there.

This way they do not associate the opening of their cage with food and when they get in the rubber maid container they will be ready to eat. They can be a little picky eaters when they are younger, just be patient.

Mist the cage regularly, provide plenty of heat. Also bring them outside on warm days, Sunlight is good for them.

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