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Reggae music

Do you think the death of bob marley contributed to it not being more mainstream? Seems like it should be more popular than it is.

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re: Reggae music

I think it gets redundant after a while, so it gets limited to certain settings where/when it's appropriate.

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re: Reggae music

Ive wondered this a lot

It has to be a lack of authentic material

Everything else just gets labeled a rip off. Apparently you have to be FROM jamaica

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re: Reggae music

Dancehall is better

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re: Reggae music

a little goes a long way for me...

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re: Reggae music

I beleieve if the "ganja" was legel here, you would here it more .....

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re: Reggae music

There is still a very strong underground on it. BTW I love your sig pic. One of my fave bands of all time.

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re: Reggae music

I agree that it does get redundant but most reggae artists that make good money are not faking it and are actual rastafarians. I know of two bands in Baton Rouge (Henry Turner Jr. and also The ELEMENTS) that make decent bank but aren't rastafarians and fake the accent pretty good.

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re: Reggae music

I really like reggae. I think its not more popular as a lot of it is really reptitive, and there is not a lot of diversity to the sound.

I prefer dub and dancehall but I still rock out the reggae frequently.

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re: Reggae music

This is my buddies reggae band

Uzimon - Titty Taco

"If a titty was a taco...I would fill it with my meat"

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