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re: I will Not give up my Guns!

I'd love to see you stand toe to toe against the U.S. military with your grand pappy's rifle.

Found this on another forum i frequent. Long read but worth it.

I'm a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, that's the war in Afghanistan for any that do not know. I'm a United States Marine infantryman, a mortarman. I've spent the past three years training for war against conventional and unconventional forces, I spent 7 months (more like 6 when you subtract the time in transit not getting shot at) in combat, attached to 2nd platoon, this was the platoon pushed furthest south in our battalion's AO, the most kinetic area.

I learned a lot about guerilla warfare while stuck in that **** hole. Everytime the thought of government taking our firearms away arises, you people always spout out "but we can't fight swat teams stacked up outside our door!", or "They have superior technology and weapons!". This is going to be a long winded post so pop some corn or something.

First and foremost, if it comes down to swat teams invading homes to search for guns, yes some will stand up right there and then and will MOST likely die, as will any one else in the house. When they tell us to register our firearms, that is when it is time to fight, but no one will. When they tell you to voluntarily turn them in, that is most definitely the time to fight, but not many will. Many are scared the media will portray you as a terrorist or extremist, and they will. Get the **** over it. Freedom isn't free, you gotta do what you gotta do. Now when it comes down to actually fighting the war,

I don't care what any one says, bury your guns off property NOW. At least your MBR. When the time comes, fight as the guerilla. Get delusions of grandier out of your head about pitched battles between a company of soldiers and your "militia". They won't be using artillery, bombs or armour. It's hard enough to get clearance for those things in afghanistan, in fact I was never cleared once to fire my 60mm mortar in hand held during a firefight, I was just a rifleman. They won't level cities with arty and bombs, they still need some type of public support, otherwise what's the point in labeling patriots as terrorists? They need the sheeple to obey them and be swayed them. Bomb making would be a usefull skill to learn now. IEDs, pop shots, harassing fire, sniping, sometimes ambushes, and destruction of key infrastructure like pipelines, power lines, water treatment facilities, bridges critical to their supply, etc. is what must be done.

When they take harassing fire and pop shots, they must double up on security thus wasting man power and money. Morale will lessen amongst the enemy when they see their friend's heads blown off out of no where and the shooter is a ghost. You won't be parading around town with your ar strapped across your back. You must hide your weapons, plant your bombs at night. After done shooting at the enemy hide your rifle and be a normal civilian, be a ghost. There were only about 2 times I actually saw the enemy over there. They liked to shoot from murder holes in their compounds from 30 to 600 meters out. They didn't like fire fights to last more than 5 minutes. shoot at us, hopefully inflict some casualties and beat feet. They knew if they stuck around longer than that we would call in arty, or an air strike.

Professional soldiers are not invincible, and police are poorly trained. Seasoned veterans are a huge part of the resistance, we will train those who have never been in combat quickly but effectively enough to be able to take a few bad guys out. Be an average joe, go to work, go to the store, take a shot at the enemy once in a while when the oppurtunity presents its self. We were routinely shot at by either one or two machine guns or at most a fire team plus (that's 4+ men). They knew it would be suicide to engage us with a squad sized element and shoot it out for any length of time. IEDs were the biggest threat. We may have only had 40 or so taliban fighters in our area, which was controlled by roughly 160 Marines (company AO).

Trust me we had our hands full. They had time on their side, patience. They weren't weighed down by the gear we are, they were light and mobile. they blended in. They knew tactics, and the were smart. they could also shoot decent too. Now imagine that, but with even only 5% of gun owners actively resisting (4 MILLION), each company's AO would have more like 10,000 rebel fighters give or take depending on area. Now quit feeling helpless because they brainwashed you to believe you are. There are more of us than them, ad we are more dangerous because most of us would die before giving up our liberty.

They do not want to die taking your guns, the don't believe in it like we do liberty. trust me, I didn't want to die over there, but I will here. If the day comes they are stacked up outside your door, or cordon off a town one by one to do a sweep, you should've already been prepared. Be waitng for them, post securiy at night. They like to hit at 0 dark thirty while most people sleep. Shoot at them from outside your home as they stack up on it. The smart thing to do though would be to ave no firearms or evidence of them in your house, when they come act like a good little citizen.

Then when they leave, make your plans to hit them later. Get with 2 or 3 other like minded individuals to ambush them. WE choose when and where to fight. not saying tyrannical governent doesn't murder citizens, but that's not a fight. it's murder. I mean we choose when and where to fight, they cannot actively engage us if they do not know who we are since we stay under the radar and do not carry weapons in the open. We ambush them, they do not ambush us. We snipe them, they do not snipe us. We lay in IEDs, they will not and cannot mine american cities. We WILL prevail. now man the **** up.

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