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re: Saying Goodbye This Week

Nicely written Blu.

In trying to squeeze every dollar next year.

Also Ivory is a player I can see as a surprise goner only because the Saints are a great org. and may give him HIS shot at being a starter somewhere.

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re: Saying Goodbye This Week

Roby could be but no sure goner. He's stuck a couple of years longer than I thought he could being basically only a gunner in the kick game and nothing else

for RFA Ivory they can do the match option, I doubt they tender him 2nd Rd

I had been saying goodbye to those with more good memories than bad. I can't quite do that for Ellis. He hasn't been a colossal bad bust like Fried Chicken Sullivan. He's contributed and was a part of the glorious '09 team. Still, the idea that he cost us a #8 overall pick and collected $33+million from the team will not make me sad if the door hits his fat arse on the way out.

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