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Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown

Legendary blues guitarist Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown visits Loyola University, New Orleans to play a concert showcasing his unique blend of blues, country and Louisiana funk and Cajun, as part of a master class in playing music. He also takes some time to explain his approach to writing and playing music to the student audience.

I've seen Gatemouth about 20-30 times from small bars in Mandeville to large music festivals and all places in between. Probably Louisiana's most gifted musician. He could cover blues, country, cajun, big band, boogie, jazz, rock, texas swing, and everything thing else.

Born in Louisiana but raised on the Texas side, he ended up living the later years in Slidell. Katrina forced him to move and destroyed everything he owned. He passed away shortly after in Orange, TX where he relocated and grew up on the Texas side.

This concert doesnt' have all of Gate's Express backing him but it does feature Louisiana Le Roux's David Peters on drums and Joe Krown on keys. I wish this concert had big Eric Demmer on sax b/c he could play no one else. I'll try to find something with him.

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Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown

frick yeah.

Good stuff to listen to at work.

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