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Day Old Blues Records - Shreveport

For the NWLA music lovers, a new record store is open in downtown Shreveport. It's close to the Robinson. I've heard it's pretty cool but haven't actually checked it out. He has new and quality used vinyl. Just passing along the news.

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re: Day Old Blues Records - Shreveport

That's interesting to hear. How is downtown doing? Other than Noble Savage and the occasional visit to Stray Cat at 3 am I never get down there when I visit. Hopefully a small business like this can stay in operation. Risky stuff seems like. Is it close to/associated with the Tipitina's office?

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re: Day Old Blues Records - Shreveport


occasional visit to Hustler Club at 3 am

On a serious note, will be interesting to see if Shreveport can support this kind of thing. I think it will do well.

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