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re: Scenarios for the Playoffs


Someone ran a playoff scenario and found the Giants have to lose 3 games, and finish 8-8. Even after beating them head to head we lose on some tiebreak with them.

that's if there is a 3 way tie. We are assuming here that the redskins win the division. Seattle gets the other spot


its on the first post

i think we want seattle and washington to win out now

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re: Scenarios for the Playoffs

Seems like every team we wanted to lose today, did not.

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re: Scenarios for the Playoffs

There is a way we get in at 8-8 with losing to the Giants. But it involves Chicago losing out, and getting CHI, NYG, and DAL all at 8-8. The 4 way tie would cancel out head-to-head tiebreakers and the Saints would get it.

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