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re: Rudy


When they carry him off on their shoulders and the caption says no Notre Dame player has been carried off since. Mists me up every damn time.

And when Montana said they did it as a joke it made me laugh.

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re: Rudy

Lucas (1986)

better movie

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re: Rudy
when he's sitting on the bench and gets accepted on his last try......old yeller moment

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re: Rudy
Liked it as a kid. Realized it was all bull shite so naturally I hate it now. They make that coach look like a giant sack of shite when in reality he was the guy that suggested that Rudy dress his last game (if I'm not mistaken). Dick move by real Rudy if true

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re: Rudy

When the black maintenance guy is in the tunnel before the game

this. that bastard always gets to me

eta- frick notre dame
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re: Rudy

The real Rudy spent years whoring the story around to studios trying to convince everyone that it was great. Someone made it so he'd go away.

Same guys that did Hoosiers did the Rudy movie. T like the movie because of the "dont give up" message but it is a farce. I met the real movie at a speaking seminar in Riverside Cali. He was sort of an arse. I only spoke to him shortly but He seemed dumb.

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