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re: Will Jones Reach Out to Chavis?

Well, he does not recruit, that is true, he will stay at LSU/

the only way he would be back at Tennessee is if we would had hired Fulmer, that did not happen, so you are safe.

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re: Will Jones Reach Out to Chavis?
As I am fond of pointing out, The Chief can flat out coach defense.

His last UT D gave up 16.8 ppg in 2008. Monte Kiffen's only UT D, with many of the same players, gave up 21 ppg in 2009.

Meanwhile, over in Baton Rouge, The Chief's first LSU D, with none of the starters being Chavis recruits, only gave up 16 ppg in 2009.

Reminds me of that old saying "He can beat yours with his'n, and his'n with yours."

So I don't care a flying frick if Chavis can't recruit...which I don't buy into FYI...because the results speak for themselves.

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