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re: TDBBL Week 6
I said Lillard was your best pick after seeing your draft BJL

You just traded him for fricking Ron artest and varejao. Drummond is a rebound machine yet you traded Lillard to get Andy V. Both the guys you got are playing way over their head.

And your draft still sucked despite getting 3 decent players. You're the only one that can't see it.

However lets revisit what I said about your team. Your pick selections were not good enough for you to gamble on players. I predicted you'd have to sell off your stud players in order to compete. You sit 4th to last in breakdown categories and you've already traded your prized draft pick for 2 rent a players. You picked like 6 combo guards and no big men and you wonder why your team has sucked.

Btw, Isiah Thomas was a bad pick, I'm pretty sure that was my worst pick in the draft.

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re: TDBBL Week 6

Btw, Isiah Thomas was a bad pick, I'm pretty sure that was my worst pick in the draft.

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re: TDBBL Week 6
yet LE, this week, 4th place Karma 2.0 is at least 5-3 over , and most cases 6-2, 7-1 over every team in the league. oh yeah. still got three studs out too. i looked at my schedule, and if i would've needed to make this move earlier, i would've. hence why i've been saying i'm treading water.

and my team has sucked? i'm in 4th. I'm currently skullfricking the 6th place team. i told you my strategy with my bad pick situation was to draft high risk, high reward players. and then trade them when they hit, for positions of need. my pick situation was abysmal.

i drafted
lillard even though i had two pgs: massively exceeded expectations
crawford- massively exceeded expectations and draft slot
gordon- massively exceeded expectations and draft slot
blatche- exceeding expectations and draft slot
drummond- on his way to becoming a keeper. you'll see.
bogut- injured

and then three players late role players-
marion, still would be on my team if he hadn't gotten injured.
bayless- high risk high reward
green- bust

considering i had a 1, 3, 5 and then a bunch of lates, do you realize that i drafted quality starters from terrible draft positions?

and why would you assume andy v and metta world peace are playing above their heads. do you watch these games anymore now that you're not in fantasy?

andy is the only good player on cleveland right now
and metta has carte blanche to fire 9 3s a game.

i've watched lillard multiple times. that's how I KNEW i wasn't gambling taking him 8th, even though you thought it was the worst pick of the 1st round. And that's how I have a strong feeling that we're at about the level of production he's going to have this year. Which is great. But for me replaceable.

i can replace his 3s (and have already). My team already sucks at FTs. and wall and nash will be more than enough assists when/if they return.

and make no mistake. drummond is my prized pick. you have no idea how wrong you are about him. him and monroe are going to be AMAZING together. At least statistically.

besides all of this, all that really matters is where we are come playoff time. seeding doesn't matter one bit.

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