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re: TDBBL Week 6

LE naming somebody a bad pick has boded well for that player.

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re: TDBBL Week 6
I jst got my teeth cleaned and swallowed some fluoride....

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re: TDBBL Week 6
I said Lillard was your best pick after seeing your draft BJL

You just traded him for fricking Ron artest and varejao. Drummond is a rebound machine yet you traded Lillard to get Andy V. Both the guys you got are playing way over their head.

And your draft still sucked despite getting 3 decent players. You're the only one that can't see it.

However lets revisit what I said about your team. Your pick selections were not good enough for you to gamble on players. I predicted you'd have to sell off your stud players in order to compete. You sit 4th to last in breakdown categories and you've already traded your prized draft pick for 2 rent a players. You picked like 6 combo guards and no big men and you wonder why your team has sucked.

Btw, Isiah Thomas was a bad pick, I'm pretty sure that was my worst pick in the draft.

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