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no. they're extinct. thus non-existent. So you speak about them in the past tense. If I eat a plate of cookies and they are now all gone I don't say "these cookies are good"... one would say "those cookies were good". You're really showing how stupid you are. I thought you just didn't know basketball. Turns out you don't know common shite people learn in 4th grade either.

Look bro, i'm sorry I'm confusing you with words like real and imaginary, and you felt the need to change to some childish grammar argument after being called out, but whatever.

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re: Hornets Talk Poll on Name
so you're saying raptors exist? a living, breathing, raptor?

no one has argued they are like dragons and unicorns which never existed. simply, that they do not currently exist.
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re: Hornets Talk Poll on Name


I hope you're kidding with this whole thing.

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