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re: I think we need Brandon Jennings


Obviously we wouldn't be willing to give up Anderson, AD or Gordon. And I dont see them taking any package of our other guys. Maybe if we throw in a protected first with a few role players? Still, I doubt that'd be enough.

Well it would come down to one of two things, or a combination of the two.

1) Us Overpaying; and/or

2) BJ making it clear he doesn't want to be there and Milwaukee already having Monta and wanting to just move on from him.

If its #2, he might be able to be had for a 2014 protected pick 1st Round Pick (Top 7-10 protection in 2014) and some combo of young players like Greivis, Aminu, Henry, Rivers etc.

Its still somewhat of a longshot, but these things do happen. He's just what we need.

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re: I think we need Brandon Jennings

we need a jason kidd in the prime.

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