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re: I think we need Brandon Jennings

Will the bucks have the cap space to match if we make a max offer?

The Bucks have the ability to match, the question has always been do they think he's worth paying the Max. Giving Jennings something like 4/$52 would definitely be overpaying him considering what similar guys like Curry/Holiday/Lawson just resigned for. They were all in the low to mid $40s I believe.

Considering Davis and Anderson will probably outperform their contracts in the next 3 years you can afford to overpay a guy like Jennings. But that also means Demps needs to keep finding productive, cheap role players like Jason Smith, Ayon, Vasquez, etc.

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re: I think we need Brandon Jennings
The big market thing seems to have been taken out of context. Basically, he answered questions about playing in a big market.

I share many the feelings and assessments here, but I do find Jennings intriguing. I really find his decision to play in Europe rather than play college interesting. He thinks differently than most, clearly. That can cut both ways, but I find it to be another key to evaluating his fit.

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