NOOOOO NOOOO NOOOOOOOO!!! DeMint resigns from Senate |

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re: NOOOOO NOOOO NOOOOOOOO!!! DeMint resigns from Senate

I'm confident SC can find a good conservative replacement for him.

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re: NOOOOO NOOOO NOOOOOOOO!!! DeMint resigns from Senate

John Gault[sic] is retiring Director of the Heritage Foundation. It is a very well respected position and a once in a lifetime opening for a Patriotic Conservative to take. When I was a Senator, Ronald Reagan got all of his ideas,speaking points, policies, and issues from the Heritage Foundation. They were the brains behind Reagan. There were no Websites then, it was was all typed up Position Papers and mailings. I got a lot in the mail from them, all good for the country ideas. They ditested Special Interest Groups and selfish motivations. His name is spelled diferently, it's not Gault, but Gauell or something like that. Jim Demint is a great choice to replace him. I really thought one of the Fox men was going to get it. Dr. Charles Krauthammer, Monica Crowley, Carl Rove, and Neil Cavuto were candidates, according to GOP e-mails I've received. The S.C. Gov. Nicki Haley will appoint a temporary replacement for January,2013, that will have to run for a full term in 2014. Someone might take it just for a year ,but, I dought it.

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