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31 points, 9 boards

Because he's the hero Hornets talk deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

too bad the rest of the team blows

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re: 31 points, 9 boards
Even with Gordon and Davis out I didn't think we would be this damn awful.

We can still laugh at the Clippers all season for losing to us.

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re: 31 points, 9 boards

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re: 31 points, 9 boards
Taking age into consideration, I think Kevin Love and Anthony Davis are the only PF's that I would take over Ryan Anderson right now. If you want to include contracts in the discussion, then just Davis. RA is looking like a fringe top 5 PF, is only 24, and makes just $8.5m/yr over the next three years. He'll only get more efficient when Gordon and Davis take some of the pressure off of him.

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re: 31 points, 9 boards

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re: 31 points, 9 boards
Sucks that Rivers hasnt really made an impact. Hopefully he will develop and get better over time.

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