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Isnt it obvious that Jax and Gemma were in this together?

I hope not.

It's a pretty easy plot if Gemma was the one who actually turned her in- Tara testifies what Gemma told her and that she has copied of her late husband saying he believes she'll be behind his death. Now Jax knows, and Gemma's case is blown up. So, I don't think that's how it's going to play out next season.
And if Jax was behind it then Tara has a lot of intel on the club.

Who knows. I feel bad for Tara, hopefully she'll be out of jail soon in the next season.

eta- Did Gemma just get lucky with Clay's arrest OR did she know it was coming and she could get him arrested? If she had the heads up from Jax then it's highly possible she and him were behind Tara's arrest.

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re: SOA Season 5 Finale

Do NOT believe Jax was behind Tarra's arrest.

Gemma or the Marshall....

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re: SOA Season 5 Finale

She knew. Jax told her to do that

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