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re: SOA Season 5 Finale

part of me says gemma didn't rat on tara because she heard jax refuse Nero's offer and she realized he isn't going anywhere regardless and part of me says she did it to help him stay and eliminate that problem for him.

and then there's this

season 4 ending

season 5

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re: SOA Season 5 Finale

Yea the last two finals scenes have mirrored the picture of jaxs dad and gemma. I thought it was pretty cool

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re: SOA Season 5 Finale

Season 4 ending

Season 5 ending

Wait, wasn't that Season 4 ending scene already used as a comparison to an ending scene of a previous season (season 2 or 3)? I really think I remember seeing that after Season 4.

If so, then Season 5 would be the 3rd time for a similar ending scene.

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