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re: Carson's Uppity Chicken
i froze about 2 lbs of leftover ham from thanksgiving. when the fridge starts to empty, i plan on taking half the ham out, letting it defrost in the fridge, slapping it between some bread, and gasp eating it. also have some delicious frozen deer sausage from coonass country. i'll probably never eat it though, b/c only fresh deer is allowed in my kitchen. but i'm just po white trash that calls dinner "supper."

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re: Carson's Uppity Chicken

. but i'm just po white trash that calls dinner "supper."

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re: Carson's Uppity Chicken
I used leftover smoked turkey carcass to make a stock last week, some of the leftover turkey breast meat, and a pack of smoked venison sausage to make a gumbo.

The stock was what made it so good. I don't get snobby about much, but a good stock for gumbo is pretty important IMO. Plus, I don't think using what would have been otherwise tossed as a 'key' ingrediant is being uppity. Everybody wondered what I had done, and I just said I used the smoked bird bones as the stock.

Stock is its' own little art. I brought it to a boil with onion, bay leaf, s n' p, and a little thyme and let it simmer for 5 or 6 hours. Then I let it cool overnight in the fridge. Brough it back to a boil while I stirred the roux.

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